I will be working from home as a reseller quick registration.

I am a stockist or shop quick registration.

What’s the delivery like.

We aim to ship the following day from your order but as everything is handmade please allow 3 to 5 working days. there is an option for express delivery if you need something urgently. We use royal mail tracked which can be left in a safe place if required.

There are no fees, no equipment to buy, we are NOT a pyramid scheme, we are NOT a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme, you buy directly from the maker.


What works best?

We find face-to-face contact, your family friends, a shop a store, a salon, candle parties.

Your business Facebook page does help you launch new products to your existing Yenom’s customers and it is useful when used in conjunction with the above.


Who we are?

Yenom’s Candles are an independent handmade candle company based in London, England run by 2 brothers, Yuriy and Vitalie. Hello! We use Soy & Coconut Wax which is our own blend with nothing else added.  We are PARAFFIN FREE, PALM OIL FREE, BEESWAX FREE, NON-GMO, and are free from Bee Harming Pesticides.


What’s a Reseller?

Yenom’s Candles operates with you as a reseller. Your customer pays you first which means you have the money upfront WHICH MEANS you have no outlay! You then order the product from us. You make an instant profit and run it as your own business.


you are a stockist with your own shop.

What costs are involved?

There’s no joining fee. In fact, you don’t have to part with a penny. You only order when your customers have paid you. We recommend you buy the scent candles so people can sniff the scents before they order.


If you wish to join our team or be a stockist please click on the link below